Curve Network Monthly Update: A Recap of Top Developments for Apr & May 2023

Curve Network
3 min readJun 11, 2023


We are pleased to present another month of notable updates! As always, we have been working tirelessly to continue our mission of fueling blockchain innovation and bringing new product to Curve Network ecosystem. Here’s a recap of our top developments for Apr & May.

This article will cover the following departments:


Curve Network ecosystem

Upcoming development

Marketing Department:

We’ve had a busy month in our marketing department since launch to bringing Influencers & PR article.

We also saw growth across our content and social platforms, with our ticker $CURVE filling up users’ social feeds for many days in the month.

Marketing Milestones

  • 21K Twitter followers
  • Coingecko & Coinmarketcap trending across global region
  • Onboarded more than 20+ influencers globally
  • 210 BNB Buyback & Burn
  • Shilling contest
  • Listing on Lbank Exchange with USDT/CURVE pair
  • PR article on Yahoo, Bezinga & 700+ Media
  • Partnership with Sphynxlabs

Curve Network Ecosystem:

Our development team has been as busy as ever, working on Blockchain Mainnet CRC-20 & CurveSwap as the first DEX on Curve Mainnet. These are just a few of the department’s many achievements in nurturing and growing the technology ecosystem.

Curve Network ecosystem Milestone

  • Launch of Curve Network Mainnet CRC-20 with TPS up to 100k & near zero cost gas fee around $0.000001 each tx
  • Launch on Governance token Curveswap (CVS) & Curveswap (DEX)
  • Farming & Staking pools are open for Curveswap

Upcoming Development

The Product Development team has been focusing on continuously improving Blockchain explorer and build more innovative technology into Curve Network ecosystem.

Upcoming product in Devlopment

  • CurvePad ( Curve Launchpad )

Curvepad is a protocol built on top of the Curve Network that allows projects to launch token sales in a safe and decentralized manner.

  • Cuxer ( Curve Mixer )

Cuxer is a fully decentralized non-custodial protocol allowing private transactions in crypto-space.

  • Cudex ( Curve Privacy Dex)

Cudex is a privacy DEX uses advanced cryptography technologies like zero-knowledge proof to ensure anonymous and untraceable cryptocurrency transactions for its users privacy.

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Apr & May was another busy and productive month for the team here at Curve Network, and we thank you for your continued trust and support.

Look out for more exciting updates coming this month.

About Curve Network

Curve network is a Layer-1 network with lightning-fast, Secure & scalable blockchain economy.

Curve Network Token. CURVE is the native utility token of Curve network blockchain. CURVE will be used to pay transaction fees or any services directly related to the on-chain activity.

Curve Network Vision

Curve build with Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consesus mechanism and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain. It will be a green and fast network focused on Interoperability, DeFi and Responsible Web3 project adoption as well as users security.

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